Frequently Asked Questions for the online, self-directed Associate Degree program at Champion Preparatory Academy  (through Snow College). Champion Prep Online is dedicated to providing students and families with a learning environment that can meet an individual student’s unique needs. Send us a chat below with your own questions.

Yes! Early College and high school students have access to demo accounts to see if this type of learning is a good fit for them.

Early College Student Demo Site
Go to http://snow.sparkeducation.com/
Username: student.sandbox

High School Student Demo Site
Go to https://mytechhighdemo.sparkeducation.com/
Username: studenths

Yes! International and Out of State students may participate in online courses. These courses may count toward high school and collegiate credit. Students may earn their Associate degree as well as their high school diploma through the Champion Preparatory Academy program.

You can see all our available courses and classes for Snow College online and online high school on our home page

Yes. Students can take breaks after each semester, if needed. Once you return, the credits you have earned can still be applied to your degree and you can pick up where you left off.

No. The ACT is not a prerequisite to enroll in the online, self-directed Associate Degree program at Snow College. A high score on an ACT or SAT may result in course credit waivers which are awarded as part of the initial “Prior Learning Assessment” course.

Snow College in collaboration with Champion Preparatory Academy greatly values what you’ve learned and experienced prior to coming through our virtual doors. Bring all of your life’s experiences with you, including military, past college credit, industry certifications, work experience, AP/ACT/SAT scores, and more! Simply work with our assigned faculty member to demonstrate mastery in those areas and earn immediate college credit! These course credit waivers are awarded as part of the initial “Prior Learning Assessment” course.

A: Many of our students earn a High School Diploma and an Associates degree at the same time, however, every high school has different graduation requirements and policies governing the acceptance of college credits towards a high school diploma. Check with the Champion Preparatory Academy high school counselor to review credits toward graduation. Snow College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Every university has different policies governing the acceptance of transferred college credits. Check with the admissions department at the university to which you would like to attend in the future and ask about Snow College. Snow College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Snow College has created a General Education Certificate at 36 credit hours to basically allow students to finish a partial Associate Degree and then transfer those credits in bulk. The General Education Certificate is typically accepted by many colleges and universities.

Students can earn as many credits as they can each semester. This is a mastery based program that allows students to add classes when the student is ready and complete the coursework prior to the end of the semester. A typical college load would be 12 credits per semester. Be sure to check with the high school counselor to determine how many credits you may take in the SOEP program.

Possibly. Students who are participating through Champion Preparatory Academy need to complete at least 6 credits each semester to remain actively enrolled. Students who are unable to earn 6 credits in a semester will have one additional semester to demonstrate that this minimum pace is achievable before being withdrawn. If you are not participating though your high school program, there are no minimum requirements. However, we encourage you to earn as many credits as you can to gain the full benefit of the program.

The Snow Online program offers an Associate of Science/Arts in General Studies. Students planning to pursue a highly technical bachelor’s degree may need to take specific Math credits before transferring those credits to Snow College OR the student will need to plan to take those advanced Math classes as part of their bachelor’s degree at another institution.

Absolutely! Students participating in the online Associate Degree program at Snow College are considered full-time Snow College students and can transfer to an on-campus experience any time.


No, but the courses are rigorous and students should be ready to handle complex topics and challenging course work. Students who are not yet in 9th grade will need Provost approval prior to being admitted to the program.

In general, students who have successfully completed Algebra II (or Secondary Math III in Utah) will be ready for Math 1040. Students who need additional support can utilize the ALEX PPL program at Snow College to help them gain math skills.


Students can progress through the courses in any order. There is a prerequisite of ENG 1010 prior to taking ENG 2010, however, the rest of the courses can be completed in any order.

Please visit online.successacademy.org for more information. Submit an application and we will contact you to personalize your educational pathways.

Students are able to re-submit / retake all assignments, quizzes, and tests as many times as needed to demonstrate mastery.